How To Repress Broken Eyeshadows

Sleeping past your alarm and rushing into work is a bummer.  Stubbing your toe is a bummer.  Overeating and then hating your self with self remorse … is a bummer (unless it’s Chipotle).  Do you know what the biggest bummer of all is?

Broken eyeshadows.  Yeah, I know.  Serious stuff.  I saw you flench when you read that.

I placed an order online through Stila, when my package arrived I excitedly ripped open the package and started digging in.  Everything was dandy until:

Oh the horror!  I shake my fist at you, US Postal Service!

After overcoming my feelings of sadness and anger, I picked myself back up and got to work- and I put it back together  How?  Take a look! 

Step 1:  Break up the rest of the eyeshadow.  I used the end of a fork.  It will kind of break your heart to do this, but remember: the eyeshadow is broken so you can’t use it anyway.

Step 2: Add some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).  You can use a dropper if you have one, or you can just pour some into the cap and add it the the eyeshadow (that’s what I did). 

Step 3: Mix until eyeshadow becomes a paste.  Just add alcohol a little at a time until you reach this consistency.  If you add too much, don’t worry it isn’t ruined.  It will just take longer to dry.

Step 4: Press eyeshadow back into the pan with a tissue over it.  Don’t press too hard because then it will spill out of the sides.  Just a nice firm press will do.  You can also use a coin (with a tissue over it) to get a more even press, however, keep in mind some of the print on the coin will transfer over to the eyeshadow.  On the bright side, you’ll have a custom George Washington eyeshadow.

Step 5:  Admire your work, and let dry.  Generally (depending on the size and amount of alcohol you add) it takes 2-3 hours to dry.  However, I usually leave mine overnight just to be extra safe.  

You’re welcome eyeshadow, you’re welcome.

Hope this helps!  Have an awesome glittery day!


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6 thoughts on “How To Repress Broken Eyeshadows

  1. Kristy from Nebraska!

    Awesome tutorial Kayla! This happens to pretty much every single eye shadow I own. I know you do a lot of make up reviews, but I’d love to see some more tutorials! Plus if you did a video I could watch it over and over and pretend we’re hanging out. I miss you and your blog is phenominal!

    • Thank you so much! I miss you too! :-( I’ve thought about videos but I need to get a better camera!

  2. Wow! thank you very much! I didn’t know this trick. I have throw some eyeshadows because they were broken (I hate them being around everywhere) but not anymore :)

    • You’re so very welcome! It breaks my heart to throw away broken shadows! That’s why I had to find a solution! :)

  3. Aman-duh

    I think I have that same shadow and it breaks all the time. It seems to be much softer than most.

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