NARS Orgasm and Laguna

These are 2 of the most popular products by Nars.  Orgasm is part of Allure’s Best of Beauty Hall of fame, and Laguna is (arguably) their most popular bronzer.  Both are listed as “cult classics” on the company’s website.

Are they worth the hype? 

Nars is known for pushing the envelope with their racy names and Orgasm is no exception.  It’s a peachy pink blush with golden shimmer.

My thoughts:  It’s a nice blush, a really nice blush.  And that’s about as far as I’ll go with that.  It’s not “legendary” in my mind, and the $27 price tag (for 0.16oz) doesn’t help.  But, looking past the price and just evaluating the product, it’s a pretty color and works for every skin color.  It’s long wearing, 7-8 hours, and the golden shimmer is just enough to give you some glow.   It goes on pretty sheer (but it’s advertised as being sheer) so it just gives a nice flush of color.  Sort of like your cheeks look like after… well, I’ll stop there 😉

Next up we have the bronzer named Laguna.  It’s medium brown with golden shimmer.

My thoughts:  I’m on the fence with this one.  Like I said about Orgasm, it’s a nice bronzer.  It’s not wonderful, but it’s not a disaster either.  The color works nicely with my NC35 skin, it shows up without looking like a beard.  I generally prefer matte bronzers, but if I were to reach for a shimmery one this would be a solid choice (but still not my #1).  Again, the price tag is what hurts me here, $33.00 for 0.28oz.  This one also is sheer when applied, but is also advertised as being sheer.

Pictured is the “Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo.”

Both are solid products, and if you’re interested in trying both I’d suggest getting the duo.  It’s $40.00 for 0.35oz (so you get about half of what you would if you purchased the full size product)  so it ends up being $20 each.  You still get enough product to last a long time, at least long enough to see if you want to purchase the full size product!

Glitter rating for Orgasm: 3 / 5

Glitter rating for Laguna: 3 / 5

You can purchase Nars on their website, or at Sephora

Have a sparkley Christmas!

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