Korres Lip Butter makes me melt!

I had walked by this product many times at Sephora… but since I’m a gloss junkie I always talked myself out of buying it.  Well, last week I finally decided to take the plunge.

Korres Lip Butter!  Lets see how my plunge turned out! 

Website description: A rich, buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish.

My thoughts:  The first day I used this, it made my lips peel like crazy.  Granted, I am an avid lip gloss user.  When my lips feel dry I have to immediately have to apply something to them, whether it’s gloss or the nearest chapsick.

I reapplied several times during the day (probably about 8 times from 9am to 6pm) and my lips had skin flaking off of them.

Day 2 of using the balm… no more peeling.  Alright, now we’re talking!  I haven’t experienced peeling ever since my first day of using.

The balm gives a nice natural tint to the lips with a little bit of shine.  It’s not too glossy, and it’s not too pigmented.

Love the packaging!

I love the formula, it feels like jelly.  It does rub of easily (after one canned Diet Coke I need to reapply).  But overall, I think it’s a nice balm if you’re looking for something moisturizing with a hint of color.

Downside, I hate that it’s in a pot.  That’s nothing against this particular product, but generally I don’t like glosses/balms that I have to stick my finger into.  Germs.  Have to wipe off finger.  Those few extra steps that I would rather do without.

Natural light

With flash

Nekkid lips

Lips wearing Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Overall: I love the formula and I love the color.  It makes my lips soft and smooth (at least after the 1st day).  My only complaint is the packaging, and that’s only because I hate sticking my finger into my lip balms.  But this is a wonderful product if you’re looking for a natural looking, yet still has some pigmented color, moisturizing lip balm!

Glitter rating 3.5 / 5

Korres Lip Butter is $12.00 for 0.21oz.  It’s available on their website, or at any Sephora or Ulta. 

Have a sparkley day my friends!

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  1. :) Nice!

    • It’s good stuff, as you would know!

  2. […] The brush is tapered so it makes it easy to control the application of the lip product.  I haven’t experienced any fallout from the fibres.  I use this all the time with my Korres Lip Butter! […]

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