Obeying the law with Smashbox

You’re probably thinking… what the heck does make up have to do with the law?

Absolutely nothing.  The only reason for the title of this post is because I keep calling this Smashbox  palette the “Click it or Ticket” palette.

Although, I think even that would make more sense than the actual name.  It’s “Click You’re It,” and I have no clue what that’s suppose to mean.  So, I will keep referring to it as my law enforcing make up.

Lots of purdy colors!  Take a  look! 

The “Click You’re It Eye Palette” contains 15 eyeshadows (0.97oz), 5 cream eyeliners (0.24oz), 1 Photo Finish lid primer (0.02oz), and 3 Get-The-Look cards (6 looks).  It’s $40.00 (on sale right now at Sephora.  Original price $49, and it’s a $250 value).  This is part of their Holiday 2011 collection.

I know some people didn’t like the packaging because it wasn’t “fancy” enough.  Personally, I like the no frills packaging.  It’s simple, straight to the point, and travel friendly.  It opens up to reveal a large mirror on the top side.

These eyeshadows aren’t named (which bothers me), they’re just numbered.  Click any image to enlarge.

My thoughts:  The eyeshadow quality is nice, but not as nice as say my MAC or UD shadows.  They aren’t super pigmented,  but they show up well enough and blend easily.  I like the mix of colors, it has cool, warm, shimmery, and matte shades.  The 5 cream liners was a nice touch, I really like the #20 gold shade (it makes a nice base!).  They work fine for eyeliners but tend to crease if you use them as eyeshadows.  The eyeshadows last about 6 hours before starting to fade.

The Get-the-Look cards are handy because it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have such a colorful palette.

I think it was overpriced at $49, but now that it’s $40.00 I think this palette is well worth it (works out to $2 per shadow).  If you’re looking for some fun shades to add to your collection, I’d definitely recommend it!

Glitter rating: 3.5 / 5

Smashbox Click You’re It is available on their website and Sephora.


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