MAC 286 Brush, Review

A lot of you have asked about this… wait no longer my friends, here it is:

The MAC 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush review and photos! *please, hold your applause until the end*

Is it my new HG brush?  Keep reading to find out!

Website description:

“With its soft dome shape, this two-toned, duo-fibre brush of goat and syntheticfibres provides a sheer, more controlled application of M·A·C Mineralize Eye Shadow.”

My thoughts:  It’s a good blending brush, it has the large dome shape that works perfect for putting color into the crease and blending out.  The duo-fibres are perfect for picking up just a bit of color.  That being said… does this brush sound familiar?  Say, like… the 224?

This brush is very similar to the 224 in the fact that they both do the same thing.  The duo-fibres in the 286 pick up a bit less color than the 224, other than that they’re really similar.

The fibres are about the same length (the white fibres on the 286 stick out a teensy bit more than the 224).

The 224’s handle is a bit longer.  They are both the same price ($30.00).  Both brushes work well for concealer under the eye too (that’s my personal favorite use for the 224, but the 286 is close to replacing it!).

To best describe the 286 brush, I would say it’s the love child of the 224 and the 188 (or the 187, which is the same as the 188 but larger).  If these two brushes had a baby brush, this would be it.

The 188 is the small duo-fibre face brush ($34.00).

MAC description of the 286 says that’s it’s for a “more controlled application of MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow.”  I tried both my 224 and the 286 with a MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow and I did experience (a little) less fallout with the 286 brush.

Eyeshadow used: Urban Decay Blackout. 2 swipes each.

Overall:  A solid brush, I like it.  However, I would say you could go with either the 224 OR the 286 because they are very similar.  If you are a Mineralize Eyeshadow fan, opt for the 286.  Since both brushes are the same price, my suggestion would be to go to the MAC store or counter and try them out to see if you like one over the other.

Glitter rating 4.5 / 5

See my comparison of the 224 vs the 217 here.  

You can purchase any of these products at any MAC store or counter.  You can purchase the MAC 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush here online.  Prices are listed above.


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8 thoughts on “MAC 286 Brush, Review

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  2. I don’t own any MAC brushes but I’ve always wanted a few. maybe this will be my next one, I’ve actually been wanting a few more blending brushes.

    • You can never have enough blending brushes, at least I don’t think so! Hey, if you have smaller eyes (mine are on the smaller side) my favorite blending/crease brush is the Sonia Kashuk Crease Shadow brush. MAC’s are great, and I definitely recommend checking them out. However, Sonia Kaskuk’s is a third of the price and still good quality. Check it out here:

  3. Janine

    I could see the usefulness of this brush. If someone has a tough time with accidentally putting too much of a shadow, specifically a dark color, in the eye area (crease, outer v, etc) like I do, then this would be an awesome brush. I think I’ll get it.

    • Exactly! After writing this, I’ve caught myself using this a lot to blend out a dark crease color (especially if I’ve accidentally applied too much). It works perfect for that! It has also replaced my 224 as my favorite concealer brush. It just a smidge easier to blend with, works perfect for those under eye circles!

  4. […] under eyes and blemishes.  I really like the formula, it blends easily under my eyes (I use the 286 or the 224 and my finger to blend) and even effectively covers blemishes.  It’s a liquid […]

  5. Eliza Cruz

    Is the handle of your 286 brush lighter in weight than your other brushes like the 224?

    • Even though it’s a little shorter, I don’t notice a different in weight between the 286 and the 224.

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