Get Comfortable with Wet ‘n’ Wild

Hey!  Do you want to see my current obsession?

The best part about it?  It costs 5 bucks!  

It’s the Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette.

Website description: Eight dynamic, perfectly color-coordinated shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Shades can be used together or individually to create an endless variety of looks.

This palette has either been sold out or has been all damaged and broken every time that I’ve tried to buy it.  I finally found a brand spanking new one at Walgreens about a month ago.

My thoughts: I can see why this palette has been sold out everywhere  because it is amazing!  The shadows have great color pay off and blend easily.  I didn’t expect much from this palette because I have a few of their Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios and wasn’t that impressed with them.  However, this palette is superb quality, well worth the wait!

Downside:  The browbone shade on the left is a tad frosty, it’s not something I’d use for an everyday look.  The browbone shade on the right doesn’t really work well as a browbone color, it’s a tad ashy.  However, it does work well as a blending color, or even on the lid.

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

Glitter rating: 4.5 / 5

You can purchase this item at any drugstore that sells Wet ‘n’ Wild, click here to find one near you.  You can also purchase it at  It is $4.99.


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6 thoughts on “Get Comfortable with Wet ‘n’ Wild

  1. I have this as well, but haven’t played with as much as I’d like haha. What attracted me to it was the definer color on the right. It’s soo pretty.

  2. Perfect color selection. :)
    I d like to find it online 😀

    •! I believe they ship internationally!

      • I have to subscrube with some subscribtion fee. Anyway, thanks for the link, I ll search on e-bay :)

      • Oh, boo! I didn’t realize that. Well good luck!

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