Getting Inked with Maybelline

Do you guys have any tattoos?  I have one, it’s on my foot and I was 14 when I got it.  Whaaaa, you say?  14?  Yeah, it’s kind of a funny story, actually.  I’ll summarize it: don’t let your 14 year old go to Los Angeles unsupervised.

Speaking of tattoos, have you guys heard the buzz about Maybelline’s Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows?

They’re being compared to MAC’s Paint Pots!  Do they live up to the hype? 

Website description:  Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow. Our ink technology creates super-saturated color. Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade.

It comes in 10 different shades.  The shade pictured is “Tenacious Teal.”

My thoughts: Holy guacamole, these are amazing cream eyeshadows.  I would expect this kind of quality from any brand, but the fact that it’s drugstore with a small price tag is a plus.  I cannot say that it lasts 24 hours (I can’t wear make up that long), but I will say it lasts a good 16 hours without fading or creasing.  Brace yourself… it lasts that long without a base!  In fact, it works well as a base itself.

They are very comparable to MAC’s Paint Pots, but I would say these are a tad creamier than the paint pot formula.  Also, I’ve never been able to use Paint Pots as a base (I know most of you can), but these actually don’t crease on me.  Check out the color payoff.

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

Downside:  The color selection.  It comes in 10 shades, but limited on neutrals.  There’s a few mattes and the rest are metallic finish.  I’ve read several reviews of this product and they’ve all said to avoid the “Painted Purple” because it’s splotchy and the only dud from the line.

Glitter rating for “Tenacious Teal” 5 / 5

You can purchase these from their website, any drugstore that sells Maybelline.  It is $6.99 at


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5 thoughts on “Getting Inked with Maybelline

  1. Gorgeous color. And I’m way 2 chicken to get a real tat. haha :)

  2. I have tastefully taupe and love it but it creases on me after a while, so weird! but I love it [: want this one and boldly bronzed next!

    • That stinks! I just bought it after reading good reviews about it, but I have yet to try it. LMK what you think of the others!

  3. […] It isn’t as creamy compared to the metallic formulas (see my review of Tenacious Teal here), but it still goes on pretty smooth, especially for being a matte shade.  It applies best with […]

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