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I’ve been on a budget lately.  I know we’re all technically on a “budget,” but I’ve really had to cut back due to some career changes.  That means no eating out, no happy hours, and no spending money on cosmetics… unless I NEED them.  Lotion is something that I need, if I didn’t apply lotion post-shower it would really turn my world upside down.  So I’ve had to start exploring my drugstore options, which led met to:

These bad boys.  Check it out!

EOS Hand & Body Lotion, Nourish:

My thoughts: It is lightly scented, it smells sweet and fruity.  It goes on smooth, soaks in quickly, and does not leave a greasy residue.

EOS Hand & Body Lotion, Refresh:

My thoughts:  This one is lightly cucumber scented.  I don’t like EOS’s cucumber scent, I think it smells like a dirty cucumber (I felt the same way about the handcream).  However, the lotion works great, it’s not greasy at all!  It feels very similar to the Nourish lotion.

EOS, Hand & Body Lotion, Boost:

My thoughts:  This is the only one (out of 3) that is 90% (instead of 97%) natural.  Compared to the other two, it does feel a bit thicker when applied.  It is lightly scented, it smells like chocolate to me.  This one takes a bit longer to soak in, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Overall:  I love these lotions!  Even if I wasn’t on a tight budget, I’d still purchase these and have them be to go-to post-shower lotions.  They’re non-greasy, no residue, lightly scented, free of all offensive ingredients, and have an easy to dispense PUMP!  If I had to choose a fave, it would be the Nourish.  That’s purely based on my scent personal preference.

I love this lotion and would recommend it to anyone.  If you have drier skin than the average person, opt for the Boost.

Glitter rating 4.5/5

EOS Hand and Body Lotion are available at any drugstore (I’ve had the best luck at Walgreens).  The price ranges from $6-$12 for 12oz.


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12 thoughts on “Easy Moisturization with EOS

  1. I love the lip balm so I’ll have to try the lotion! My absolute favorite body moisturizer is organiz, virgin, unrefined coconut oil. It’s the most heavenly treat and it really soothes skin. For about $9 you get a big jar of it and it lasts a long time. It’s also solid until it reaches s really high temperature so it isn’t messy to apply. I also put it on my face so this makes it budget friendly in my mind. I feel like I’m doing my skin a huge favor every time I slather it on after a nightly shower or bath. :) I have more details about it on my blog!

    • I was just thinking about doing a blog post about coconut oil! I recently bought a jar, it smells divine! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I know how you feel about being on a budget; had my first child 6 months ago and things have definitely been a little tight around here. These products look amazing. I love the eos lip balm so I’m intrigued to try these too! One of my favorite products is Grecian Body Oil. I was lucky enough to try out a jar and I fell in love. It’s lightweight, made with natural olive oil and has a really sweet almond scent (but not totally ubersweet, just the right amount of sweetness). I find that its incredibly moisturizing after a shower. Hope you have a great weekend!! =)

    • Grecian Body Oil? That sounds luxurious! Where do you get it at?

      • Thanks for the congrats!! =) He’s growing so big, its ridiculous.

        I got the grecian body oil at bloom.com. It’s a killer website!! You have to sign up for an account but I’ve been impressed with them from the start and the customer service is phenomenal. I can send you an invite if you’d like? If I invite you, we both benefit. One of those perks. =P

        Let me know if you’re interested. Would only need your email address.

      • I’m absolutely interested, thank you! I will certainly check it out!

      • =) I’m not sure if there’s a referral link but would you mind saying I referred you if you decide to create an account?? I can give you my email address that I used to sign up with.

        Glad you liked the product recommendation.

      • Absolutely! I’m still traveling for about another week, but I will look more into it when I get home. You can email any info to peaceloveandglitterkayla@gmail.com :)

      • Awesome!! Safe travels! If you bring back any beauty loot be sure to blog about it! =)

    • And congratulations on the baby :)

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