How To Make Your Own Hand Lotion

I used to be obsessed with the $30 L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream until I discovered, I can make my own hand cream at home!

But wait, won’t that require lots of time and weird ingredients that I have to go to a hippie store to find?

Nope.  This hand cream requires ingredients that you can find at your local drugstore.  And the best part?  It’s fabulous.

3 simple ingredients, 1 effective moisturizer.  Check it out! 


  • Petroleum jelly
  • Baby lotion
  • Vitamin E cream

*Baby lotion is a very gentle and contains lots of glycerin, which binds water to the skin.  The vitamin E cream helps heal the skin.  The petroleum jelly helps seal in the moisture*

Optional ingredients:

  • Vitamin E oil
  • Scented essential oil

*The vitamin E oil will add extra healing properties to the lotion.  Only use the essential oil if everything else that you’re using is unscented.  If you decide to incorporate these ingredients, only use a couple of drops.*


  • Hand mixer
  • Injector

*You can mix by hand, but the formula turns out better with a mixer.*

  • A glass bowl
  • Measuring cups

*I suggest using a glass bowl because the lotion doesn’t stick to it as much.*


*You can get these empty 2oz containers at any drugstore.  You can also store the lotion into Tupperware containers. You can also re-purpose old empty lotion containers*


  • 1 cup baby lotion
  • 1/2 cup Vitamin E cream
  • 1/3 cup petroleum jelly

*This recipe makes about 16oz  (2 cups) of lotion.*

Put all of the ingredients in the glass bowl.

Mix with the electric mixer for about a minute.

After mixing, your lotion should look like this:

Use a spatula to put the lotion into the injector.

*The injector is optional, but it’s the easiest way to transport you lotion into containers*

Put lotion into desired containers.

I love this stuff and I give it out to my friends and family all the time.  It not only works for hands, but you can use it on any dry spots on your body.  You can also mix it up, figure out what baby lotion works/smells the best (I picked the natural because it’s unscented).  I also tried the Vaseline with Cocoa Butter when I made this batch, so far I like it (although it does have a pretty strong cocoa scent).  However, regular petroleum jelly works just fine for this recipe.

*Special thanks for my grandma for helping me photograph this post :)*

Do you have any favorite DIY recipes?


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  1. This is great information to have!!! Thanks…
    I’m going to try it today.

  2. This is awesome! I absolutely love the L’Occitane cream but the price tag is hefty. This is a great idea!

    • Thank you! It certainly doesn’t replace the L’Occitane (their formula is 20% shea butter) but it’s still a really nice cream. I purchased some pure shea butter not too long ago, I have yet to experiment with it though.

  3. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!

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