How To Layer Blush for Longer Wear Time

Depending on your makeup and lifestyle, blush can sometimes rub off during the day, leaving your once-flushed cheeks looking pale and sallow. Summertime can make this problem worse, with high temperatures cause makeup to melt off the face.

Follow these steps in layering blush to lengthen its wear time.

1) Apply a light layer of a cream or gel-based blush with a stippling brush. Simply tap your brush in the blush 2-4 times and then stipple it onto the apples of your cheeks, working backwards and upwards towards the hairline for a more natural look. I love the dewy look this achieves, and will end the blush look here when I’m planning on being inside all day and am less concerned with lasting power.

2) Apply a light layer of powder blush in a similar color with a large blush/powder brush or an angled contour brush. Lightly pat the powder over the cream blush, starting on the apples of the cheeks and working back to the hairline. You may also try applying the blush using a sweeping motion, but I find this sometimes gives me a less smooth application, as the brush catches a little on the cream base.

Other tips:

  • Less is more – start with a small amount of product to avoid a clown-like look.
  • Experiment with different colors (even two different toned blushes) to see what look works for you. Layering two colors can add dimension and help you create a unique look.

Have you tried this technique before? What tips do you have for making your makeup last all day?

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  1. great tips kate. i have bookmarked your blog so that i could never miss your posts..

    • Kate

      Thanks so much! :)

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  3. This s great. I love that stippling brush from real techniques btw, use it everyday.

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