Sunday Link Love, Vol. 4

Happy Sunday!  The featured picture on this post is one of my favorite pictures ever.  I took it in June this past summer when I was at High Falls in Minnesota.  It’s absolutely breath taking in person, I even caught a rainbow at the bottom!

Here are some of my favorite reads from the week:

 Looking for an inexpensive palette with gorgeous fall colors?  Look no further, Bailey at Making Up the Midwest has got you covered.

Fall beauty trend alert:  Wine/Berry lips.  Kathryne, the Fabzilla herself, shows us how it’s done.

I love glitter nail polish,  but it’s such a pain to remove!  I love this technique from Nidia from Beauty Lit From Within.  Guess what her secret is?  Elmers glue!

An anti-wrinkle pillow case?  Ok, that’s nonsense.  But there is “cosmetic pillow,” and Sasha and Crowsfeet Cupcakes and Cellulite gives us the scoop.

My nail polish usually chips within an hour after application.  If I’m really lucky, it will last a few days tops.  When I read that guest blogger Christene over at This That Beauty got her mani to last for 10 days, I was floored!  I definitely need to try it.

I instantly fell in love with this teal look from Jacqueline at A Brilliant Brunette.  She turned loose eyeshadow into a liquid liner!

These Glamour Doll Eyes look absolutely breathtaking.  Like serious, my heart stoppped, they’re so stunning.  The gorgeous Nymphette shows us their Full Eye Lights collection.

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Don’t forget to drink water and wear SPF this week.


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