Should you be washing your face in the morning?

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It seems redundant, doesn’t it?  I mean, if you’ve already washed your face before bed, it’s already clean… right?  You haven’t been anywhere, seen anyone, even been exposed to the outside.  Why would you waste your precious time in the morning doing something you already did last night?  So, is it really necessary?

The answer is yes, it is.  Here’s why:

Just like your body repairs itself while you sleep, so does your skin.  It goes though a natural exfoliation process and secrets sebum (oil) throughout the night.

It is also important to use a facial cleanser when washing, just splashing water on your face isn’t good enough.  You know how your teeth feel “fuzzy” in the morning, even if you’ve brushed before bed?  It’s a similar idea.  And you wouldn’t normally just splash some water on your teeth to get them clean, would you?

If you are using any AHA’s (glycolic acid) or retinols at night, your skin is more prone to sun damage. 

UV Rays = #1 enemy for aging skin

You’re actually causing more damage to your skin by leaving those products on your face and exposing yourself to sunlight.  Make sure to cleanse and apply SPF to protect your skin.

Still convinced you can’t squeeze it in to your morning routine?  Consider this: it takes 2.5 minutes to wash your face AND apply moisturizer.  Surely you could spare two minutes for the sake of beauty :)

Do you wash your face in the morning?  What kind of products do you use?

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