Makeup for Beginners, Vol. 4: Blush

What is it?

Blush is a pink/red toned cosmetic that is applied to the cheeks to add color.  It comes in powder, creme, liquid and gel form.

What does it do?

Blush adds color to the face, mimicking the natural tendency to “flush”  with color.  It adds definition and shape to the face.  It instantly brightens up a dull complexion!

How do I use it?

Apply to the apples of the cheek and blend up towards the top of the ear.  Be careful to not go below the nostrils of the nose or inside the center pupil of the eye.

Pro tip:  An easy way to find the apple of your cheek = SMILE!  It’s the “fleshy” area. :)

What kind of brush do I use?

 A fluffy angled brush works for just about everyone.  Use the flat part of the brush on the apples and blend up towards the temples.  A large fluffy brush works too, just make sure to avoid the Raggety Ann look.  For creme blush, use your pointer and middle finger to apply in three dots on your face.  Start at the apple of the check and end at the top of the ear, blend with fingers.  You can also layer for longer wear time {read}.  More pigmented formulas require a natural fluffy natural fibre brush.  Synthetic, densely packed fibres brushes require a formula that is more sheer.

Do I need blush?

Blush tends to get overlooked at times.  It can instantly add a flush of color, define face shape, and liven up any makeup look.  It is an essential part to my “5 minute face!”.

How do I know which one to choose?

 Powder formulas are the most common and work for just about everyone.  Creme formulas work best for dry skin.  Liquid and gel formulas are a little more difficult to work with because they’re harder to blend.  Different seasons may require a different blush (example, dehydrated skin the winter may work better with a creme).

Keep in mind, all blushes are not created equal.  Just because one blush works on someone else does not mean it will work for you.  It may take a few tries, but I can ensure that you will be satisfied once you find the best fit for you!

What are some of your favorite blushes? How do you like to apply them?

About Kayla: I am currently a makeup artist in the Kansas City area. I am also studying the field of esthetics to broaden my knowledge in the beauty industry. It is my life’s passion to make people look and feel their best! Click here to learn more about me.


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