Parnevu Oil Replenisher, Review

Parnevu says: A creamy blend of natural oils and conditioners that strengthens and rejuvenates dry damaged hair weakened by chemicals and heat styling. Castor oil, Coconut oil, and Lanolin replenished lost to the scalp while adding Softness, Sheen and Shine to the hair.  Directions: Daily Treatment: Apply enough product to cover the palm of your hand.  Rub hands together and massage into hair.  Style as usual.  Heat Styling: Can be used when heat styling to help prevent drying and breakage cause by intense heat.  Apply small amount to designated area and style as usual.  Performs best on medium to coarse hair or hair that is extremely dry or brittle.

Something that moisturizes and prevents heat damage?  Sign me up!  My long (mid-low back), thick, coarse hair is always looking for something to keep it healthy.  This seemed like the perfect solution!

My thoughts
My favorite use for this is for heat styling, I apply a quarter sized amount to the palm of my hand and warm the product up by rubbing my palms together.  I then apply to my hair, mostly concentrating on the ends (where it’s the driest) and avoiding the roots.  The first thing I noticed was the baby lotion scent, it’s rather strong and it gives me a headache (I’m not one for strong scents).  However, after about 5 minutes it’s not detectable on the hair.  Parnevu describes this as a cream, and I would have to disagree, this has more of an ointment consistency (which isn’t’ surprising since the first listed ingredient is petroleum).  I thought the greasy/waxy formula (think, pomade) would weigh my hair down and make it sticky, but surprisingly it doesn’t.  After massaging it into my hair, it just feels soft!  This would be great for anyone looking for an inexpensive hair moisturizer that helps protect from heat that has medium/coarse hair (as Parnevu suggests).  Ladies with fine/thin hair, steer clear, this isn’t for you.

Glitter Rating: 3 / 5

Where:  Parnevu, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Amazon.  Price: $5:00/6.0oz.
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Where:  Parnevu, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Amazon.  Price: $5:00/6.0oz.

What are some of your favorite hair treatments?

Drink water. Wear SPF.

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