Hyaluronic Acid, what’s the deal?

Upon hearing the word “acid,” it initially scares people .  “You want me to put what on my face??!!”

However, more and more people are becoming aware of this particular term.  It is one of the most important ingredients in anti-aging skin care.  So, what is it?

In layman’s terms:  It binds water to the skin.  It is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air and also tells the moisture that’s already in the skin to stay put.

Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water.

So where does it come from?  Our bodies naturally produce it.  It’s located in the reticular dermis in between the collagen and elastin fibers.  It basically acts as a cushion for those fibers, keeping the skin supple.  As we mature… can you guess what happens?  . . .We produce less of it!  Isn’t getting old fun?

What kind of skin types should use this?  ANY!  This isn’t just for the dry skin types.  My skin is classified as oily and I use it AM and PM.  This isn’t anything that’s going to be irritating (don’t confuse it with glycolic or salicylic acid, which can be irritating) or harsh on the skin.

How do I use it?  You can buy pure hyaluronic acid (which is what is pictured) and you would use it after your cleanse and before your serum and moisturizer.  The molecules are small the skin just soaks it right up.  You can also add a few drops to your regular moisturizer for a little boost.  This ingredient is also already present it a lot of regular moisturizers.  However, the amount isn’t near the same amount that you would get by using it in its pure form.

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So what do ya think?  Have I convinced you to incorporate some into your skincare routine?

Product Recommendations:

Image Skincare: Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Peter Thomas Roth: VIZ-1000™ 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex

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Drink water. Wear SPF.

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6 thoughts on “Hyaluronic Acid, what’s the deal?

  1. Yes! I was initially put off by the “acid” part of the name, too. But I use it and love it. I get mine from Garden of Wisdom. =)

  2. The beauty chemist/nerd in me just got really excited. I’m always looking for something to keep my skin from drying out!
    Michelle recently posted..NOTD: Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  3. I love Hyaluronic acid. I use it every morning! It sinks in well and moisturizes without feeling heavy. Ageless looks really concentrated!
    Sue Lin recently posted..Sugarplum Fairy Makeup TutorialMy Profile

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