Dry Hands Be-Gone with Lush

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I’m not sure if many people can honestly say the following statement:

My grandma is obsessed with Lush.

There for a while, she was placing an order almost once a week.  And Christmas presents?  You better believe everyone received a pre-wrapped box filled with Lush goodies.  Much of our family get-together this past year was spent explaining to my aunts how to use a solid shampoo and what a shower smoothie is.

So when I was complaining about my dry hands the other day, my grandma replied “My hands aren’t dry, I’ve been using my new Lush stuff.”  I half expected her to flip her hair and do a Z snap.  Girl.

Where: Lush, AmazonPrice: $18.95/3.5 oz.

I expected the texture to be thick, but it’s really not that heavy. It’s lightly scented (it reminds me of Dream Cream), I can mostly detect chamomile.  After trying several hand creams (including my homemade one and my trusty L’Occitane), wadoyaknow, grandma was right.  This smooth cream cured my dry, cracked, knuckles.  Grandma knows best!

For additional pictures,

What’s your favorite hand cream?  Have you tried Helping Hands?

Where: Lush, AmazonPrice: $18.95/3.5 oz.

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