Turn Any Lipstick into a Long-Wearing One

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This is a question that I get all the time as a makeup artist.  The following technique will ensure that you have a lip color that lasts you for hours, using whatever lipstick that you desire.  *Keep in mind, eating a drinking will effect the wear time on your lips.  Try to keep it at a minimum if you want your lip color to last*

1) Start with clean, moisturized lips.

You can make your own lip scrub (sugar, olive oil, honey) or use a toothbrush.  Moisturize using whatever you want, just make sure it’s clear.  Give the balm some time to work if your lips are really dry.

2) Apply a flesh-colored powder on top of the lip balm.

You may want to blot before doing this, you just want a tacky base on your lips.  You can also just place a thin layer of foundation over your lips (although powder works better).  The point is to mute out your natural lip color.

3) Apply your desired lip color.

You can apply it directly from the tube, but using a lip brush works best.  It ensures precision and uses less product.  However, if you apply straight from the tube this method will still work.

4) Blot with a tissue.

This takes off the excess, thin layers is key to getting lip color to last.

5) Dust lips with setting powder.

A loose translucent powder works best.  This is going to absorb any excess moisture.

6) Repeat:  Apply lip color, blot, and powder.

You can do it 1 to 2 more times (2-3 times total), anything after that it can get cakey.

This is the technique that I use all the time for my clients.  It takes a little extra time, but it ensures that the lip color will last long after they leave my chair!

What’s you favorite technique for getting lipstick to last?  Let me know in the comments!

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Drink water. Wear SPF.

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