Three Favorite Skincare Serums

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What is a serum?  “A serum is a skin care product that has a higher concentration of active ingredients, usually comes in a gel or creamy gel form.” {source}  The molecules are smaller so they can penetrate deeper into the skin.  They are meant to be used under your moisturizer.

What does it do?  There are hundreds of serums out on the market that are targeted towards different skincare concerns.  Some are anti-aging, some promote hydration, and some deliver vitamins and anti-oxidants to the skin.

When it comes to skincare concerns, we’ll just say I’m concerned about everything on my face.  Aging?  Check.  Dehydration?  Check.  Vitamins and antioxidants?  Check.  Again again?  Check check.  These are my favorite serums that target different skin concerns.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum

FaceSerum2 Image says: This anti-aging serum is a unique cosmeceutical blend of alpha hydroxy acids in combination with apple stem cell technology. Protects skin cells against oxidative stress and combats the aging effects on the skin. An anti-oxidant blend hydrates for luminous, glowing skin. $38/1.7oz, Image, Amazon.
This was the first serum that actually made a noticeable difference in my skin.  It uses AHAs to gently exfoilate and resurface.  It also uses the apple stem cell technology to protect the skins own cells.  And let me tell you, this thing is ACTIVE.  I know some people can’t use it every day, but my skin can handle it.  You can use this AM and PM.  This is great for anyone with aging concerns.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement

Bobbi says: An advanced, multi-benefit serum that improves skin’s appearance as it helps prevent the visible signs of aging. White Birch Extract reduces the look of fine, dry lines, while Grape Extract helps clarify and brighten the complexion. After just four weeks’ use, skin looks firmer, smoother, more even-toned and radiant.  $70/1.0oz. Bobbi Brown, Amazon.

This makes my skin so silky smooth!  It has anti-aging ingredients as well as ingredients that help protect the skin.  This is a very gentle, moisturizing serum that any skin type could use (AM and PM).  This is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster


Ole says: This amazing ten-percent vitamin C skin booster and antiaging treatment firms and smoothes, delivering more radiant skin. The weightless, fast-absorbing, oil-free formula penetrates to deep layers of the skin, offering instant and long-term hydration, nourishment, and antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors.  $48/1.0oz, Sephora, Amazon.

This is a cult favorite for many, and for a darn good reason.  Any skin type can use this!  It’s packed with vitamin C which aids in collagen production in the skin.  And we all want more if that collagen, its what give the skin it’s strength!  I’ve been using the AM and PM for about a month and its given my skin a little extra “glow.”  I follow with the Sheer Transformation moisturizer (skin care lines are meant to work together, I don’t like to mix lines).


Do I need a serum?  Well, it’s hard to say that you need something, I mean it’s not a life or death thing.  However, if you do have certain skincare concerns (as most of us do) that you want to address, it would be a good idea to incorporate one into your regime.

Do you currently use a serum?  What are some of your favorites?

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Drink water. Wear SPF.

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