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I say. . .

I can count the amount of times that I’ve actually returned something on one hand.  Not because everything works for me or because I have an abundance of money, I just hate doing it.  I also have that, “well, I’m find some use for it” mentality, and will usually throw it into my kit.   I think if you have an allergic reaction to something or the product truly didn’t live up to it’s promise, then a return/exchange is merited (although I’m aware some stores don’t have those kinds of policies).

How’s your weekend going so far?  This is a scheduled post, but I bet you I’m neck need in makeup appointments right now!  It’s prom season, ya’ll.  Remember prom?  It all seemed so important back then.  Oh kids, if you only knew… 😉

Drink water. Wear SPF.


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6 thoughts on “Poll: Returning Cosmetics/Skincare

  1. I’m not much of a returner. I suppose I would if I had an allergic reaction. I used to work in cosmetics and women would return everything! Completely empty products sometimes and lipliners sharpened down to the nubs…and we’d have to take it back if they had a receipt…it was ridiculous.
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    • I know! Its one thing to return or exchange something that truly didn’t work for you. But when you’ve used 90% of the product …. umm its pretty clear that you liked it! #shadypeople

    • I cannot imagine returning a near-empty product! That’s like people who practically clean their plate and then send the food back b/c it wasn’t good! I would only consider returning makeup if it wasn’t on the cheaper end of the spectrum, I tried it and it astronomically bombed (I.E. it’s labeled “24 hour long-wear!” and it smudges and disappears in 15 minutes).
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  2. PS: Good luck to you during prom season! “Prom, LOL!” – that’s exactly how I think of it!
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted..What’s in my bag?: Office EditionMy Profile

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