It’s a Tweezer, Man.

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Sephora says: A strong and beautiful tweezer for precise and painless hair removal. Grab every hair, every time with this stunning gold tweezer coated in titanium nitrate for increased corrosion resistance, precision, and long-lasting sharp tips. This ultra thin and finely filed tool is perfectly aligned for smooth pulling and the 25-degree slant is the ideal angle for working against the browbone. Flip this tool over and use the pointed end to tackle stubble and fine hairs.

I’ve had this product for quite a while and I haven’t used it.  As most of you know, I recently graduated from esthetics school where we are all OBSESSED with waxing.  Up until recently, I hadn’t touched a tweezer or razor in months.

I still don’t get near razors, but I had to break down and start tweezing my brows again.  Just a little bit about me and my hair growth, *clears throat* I’m really not a very hairy person.  My legs and armpits are fairly easy to deal with.  But my eyebrows?  If I leave them un-groomed, I look like:



You’re jealous.  As much as I love waxing, I couldn’t keep giving clients beauty advice with a giant unibrow across my face when in-between waxes.  So, I broke down and started tweezing again.

Tweezerman makes amazing products (as most of us know).  They’re a bit pricey but have superb quality to back it up.  I’ve been using their regular slant tweezers for a few years and the same pair has held up very well.  So when I tried the Ultra Precision tweezers, I really focused on comparing the two (there is a $13 price difference, after all).  The difference?  The Ultra Precision is coated in titanium nitrate which makes the tweezers more resistant to corrosion and will also help keep the tips sharp.  The tips are also thinner than the regular slant tweezers.  However, they both have the same 25 degree slant angle.

I have to say, this little guy gets the job DONE.  The finer tip helps grip those really short hairs, and those stubborn light ones that you can only see in the sunlight.  I flip the tweezers over and use the pointed part when I’m tweezing near my actual eyebrow because it’s more precise.  After using these, I really can’t go back to my old Tweezermans.  Sure, the original still gets the job done, but these bad boys have them beat with their ultra precision tips.

Did you know:  Tweezerman offers FREE sharpening and repair?  Details here.

When they say “ultra precision” they mean it!  While the original slant tip Tweezermans will still get the job done, these do a better job of gripping stubble and fine hairs.  I have a feeling these will be the last pair tweezers that I’ll ever need.  Until I lose them.

Glitter Rating: 4 / 5

Where: Sephora, Amazon Price: $35.00
For additional pics,




Where: Sephora, Amazon Price: $35.00

Have you tried any Tweezerman products?  What do you use to groom your brows?

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  1. I picked up tweezers last month in a little mall shop, they were made in Japan by Koji Moni…and I’ve got to say they are the best tweezers I’ve ever found. Bonus: They were like $6.00. Super sharp, ultra precise, great value. :)

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