The Makeup Show 2013 – My Experience


Hello everyone!  What a weekend it has been.  I know I know, it’s Wednesday, what am I doing reflecting on the weekend?  Well it feels like Monday for me, I just got back in town yesterday.  I spent the past few days in Chicago at The Makeup Show (it was my first time!).  It was and AMAZING experience!


We had to take a big freight elevator to get to the event space.


I was lucky enough to attend the Blogger Preview event on Saturday night.  Here, myself and about 20 other bloggers got to have a private seminar with James Vincent (the TMS creator/pro makeup-artist).  He talked to us about why he started TMS and why it’s important for us artists to work together.  I also got to take home this amazing swag bag!


I also got to see some of the vendors while they were setting up.


Day 1 of the show:


We walked for what seemed like forever (from our bus stop), my feet were killing me and I was sweating so my hair and makeup weren’t looking very good.  I was getting a little grumpy, but still focused on the positive: I was FINALLY there!


Cue music:  *Look at all the people, at all the people!* (any Chorus Line fans out there?).  Day one was crowded.  I was so excited to be there, so it really didn’t bother me at first.  And it was a bit of a sensory overload, like if I was a robot there would have been sparks flying out of my brain.


I managed to push through and snap some pics of Inglot and OCC.  I could feel the dirty looks I was getting so I scurried away, with my ninja-like moves.


Special effects makeup.


Crown Brushes had some amazing deals, their booth was packed the whole day.  I tried to avoid it, but it was like brush junkie magnet, I had to go over there.  I was pushed and shoved while I quietly stood in line waiting my turn.  I picked up a few brushes then decided that I had enough and asked if I could pay in the middle of the line.  To be quite honest, large crowds give me a bit of anxiety (which is why I don’t like large amusement parks) and I think I had just hit my threshold for the day.

Day 2 of the show:


Day 2 was significantly less busy.


I went to a seminar about airbrush makeup, taught by the fabulous Nicky Posely.  It was so good, I learned a lot from him!




Since there wasn’t as many people there, I was able to snap some more pics of the vendors.


I got to see Miss Eve Pearl herself demonstrate reverse contouring.


I got to take a hands on workshop with the one and only Eugenia Weston.  She was such an incredible instructor, I enjoyed every minute of her class.  She is incredibly sweet, while she easily could have an inflated ego because of all that she has accomplished, she remains gracious and kind.  Get this people; she shaped my eyebrows!


I love the new, less arched/thicker tail version.  The rest of my face was done by another artist in the class, Natalie*She was fabulous, if you’re near the Detroit area and you need an artist, I highly recommend her!*


Airbrush demo from Kett, more special effects makeup.


I’m so happy that my friend Mallory was able to make this trip with me.  As you can see, we each have “our good side.” *hair flip*


My grandma also came along.  Er, should I say, I came along with her.  I wouldn’t be able to do any of this stuff without her!  She has also been so supportive of me and my dreams (no matter how crazy they are) and I wouldn’t be here without her.  *While she was waiting for me during my 3 hour workshop, she sat at a table and “networked” for me.  She even handed out a few of my business cards, how cute is that?*

So now, after this already pic heavy post, I still have one more thing to share with you.  Probably the most exciting thing… my HAUL!

Here’s the damage:



Finally found a brush belt that I liked.

And lastly. . .


A new airbrush kit. Youch.

I had so much fun on this trip and I learned so much.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity and I am a better artist because of it.

Anything is possible.  Anything can be.  -Shel Silverstein

Drink water. Wear SPF.

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  1. Fallon

    Such good photos, Kayla! It looks like you had an amazing time! Totally in your element, I’m sure! We need to chat about all the new goodies you purchased, too! Much love!

    • Awe thanks friend. YOU ARE COMING next year! Plan on it! I need to call you soon!

  2. Hey Sweetie!! Thanks for the ‘shout out’!! I was truly my pleasure to work on your beautiful face!!

  3. I love that your grandma networked for you!! That’s so sweet.

    Day 2 looks much more manageable-crowd wise. I wish I could have stayed!

  4. Kristy from Nebraska!

    “How many people does he need, how many boys, how many girls, how many people does he..”

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