Urban Decay Ammo Palette, Review

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Urban Decay says: A relaunch of one of Urban Decay’s most iconic palettes ever, the Ammo Palette comes fully loaded. It combines Urban Decay’s longest-lasting shadow formula ever with its ten all-time bestselling shades—shades no makeup junkie should be without. Pair up the vertically color-coordinated duos or channel your inner artist to create multihued looks that are all your own. The palette case features a metallic purple skull on the front, intricately woven out of animals, flowers, pistols, swords, and other Urban Decay elements. Inside, skulls, snakes, and flowers collide to create a dreamy backdrop for the mesmerizing array of shadows. Instead of the old sponge-tip applicator, a shadow brush has been added along with a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion to keep your look vibrant and crease-free all day and night.

Urban makes some of my favorite eyeshadows, but individually they are $18 (for 0.5oz), youch!  Unless there is a single shade that you are dying to try, palettes are the way to go.  The Ammo palette is the newest addition to my UD collection.

Smog (deep shimmer copper bronze):  A nice warm, golden, medium brown.  It’s easy to wear on the lid or in the crease.  *also in Naked 1*

Mildew (mossy shimmer green shimmer with gold shift):  Such a pretty green!  It’s a good “starter” green if you don’t want to jump right into wearing something really bright.  It has just enough gold to help tone it down.

Oil Slick (matte black with silver micro-glitter):  Oil slick has never been my favorite, it has nice pigmentation but I get fallout with the glitter.

Last Call (metallic sugar-plum/heliotrope):  One (of two) of my favorite colors.  Pink eyeshadow can be hard to pull off, but this color has enough purple in it to make my brown eyes pop.

Chopper (light copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter):  I love this as a lid color, it’s really pretty on light and medium skin tones.  It looks a bit ashy on darker skin.  I get some fallout from the glitter, but not as much as oil slick.  I use a patting motion to apply this to my lid. *also in Naked 2*

Maui Wowie (metallic golden beige with silver glitter):  This is another good lid color, but again gets ashy on dark skin tones.  The glitter particles are slightly bigger in this one so there’s a more fallout compared to Chopper.

Shattered (sky blue shimmer with gold shift):  My other favorite color in this palette.  Urban describes it as a turquoise, but I see more blue than green with this color.  The gold shift gives it almost a green tint in some lights though.

Polyester Bride (white snow shimmer with silver micro-glitter): White isn’t the easier color to pull off, especially when it has silver glitter in it.  I like to pop a little bit under my brow and in my inner tear duct for a more dramatic highlight.  I get some fallout with the glitter, but it usually just brushes away.

Grifter (sheer lavender shimmer with silver micro-glitter): I have the old Grifter shade, and this one is LIGHT YEARS ahead of it.  The original one is chunky and awful.  This one is pretty lavender shade, it’s pretty on its own for a wash of color or layered over another purple to give it some dimension.  Still some fallout with the glitter, but it’s minor.

Sin (champagne shimmer):  This is just one of those go-to colors.  It looks nice on the lid, can blend out darker colors, or can be worn as a highlight (on medium skin tones).  *also in Naked 1*

The formulas are overall nice (read each individual shade for review) and wear for 8-9 hours, what you would expect from UD.  It has a nice mix of neutrals and colors.  It’s possible to create an entire look with just this palette, however there aren’t any matte shades so it may not be ideal for everyone.  My favorite colors are Last Call and Shattered.

Glitter Rating: 4 / 5

Where: Urban Decay, Sephora, Amazon. Price: $34/10 0.3oz eyeshadows, 0.13 oz Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original, Mini Shadow Brush.
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Where: Urban Decay, Sephora, Amazon. Price: $34/10 0.3oz eyeshadows, 0.13 oz Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original, Mini Shadow Brush.

What do you think of the Ammo palette?  What’s your favorite Urban Decay palette?

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  1. I need to get this palette! UD is my favorite brand by far for eye shadows. I have the 3 Naked eye palettes and get SO much use out of them! :)
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  2. I used to have this palette and loved it but got rid of it because I never reached for it! You make me want it again!
    Laura MyNewestAddiction recently posted..e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow StickMy Profile

    • Well I don’t know how the first edition was, but this one is definitely quality!

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