Poll: What’s your favorite type of eyeliner?

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Poll: What's your favorite type of eyeliner?  Click to vote and see what others are saying!

Now, before you answer this, please note that I only want to know ONE answer.  I know most of us use different things, some days we prefer a smudgy pencil and some days the precision of a liquid.  This is if you HAD to choose just one…

I say. . .

Gel all the way baby!  Pencils are in second place (they’re easy!) and pens in third.  I’ve only tried one cake liner (Laura Mercier), and while I liked it I felt like a gel was just as pigmented and lasted just as long.  Plus, you don’t have to use an activator with a gel.  My current favorite gel is Bobbi Brown’s, but Tarte is in a close second, then MAC’s Fluidline.

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Drink water. Wear SPF.

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5 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your favorite type of eyeliner?

  1. We have the same top three, but in different order! 😛 For me, it’s Pen, Pencil, then Gel. I used to love liquid liner, but I always ended up getting it on my lashes upon application. It wasn’t fun haha.

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  2. My #1 is using a pigmented eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush to line the eyes b/c it’s foolproof! Pencil is my second choice, but I never feel like I have as much control of the line width that way, esp. if it’s a dark brown or black. I used to only use liquid liner when I was college and now I feel like I’ve lost my mojo with that! Now liquid is one of those products I think of as being harder to use! Fun poll, thanks, Kayla!
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