Wave Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs with Jack Black!

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A one and done solution for ingrown hairs!

Jack Black Says: Consisting of a revolutionary dual action, alpha-beta hydroxy acid complex, Bump Fix reduces ingrown hairs and razor bumps while soothing and replenishing skin. With a combination of salicylic acid and lactic acid, it exfoliates the top layer of the skin and penetrates deep into the cell, freeing skin-trapped hairs and preventing new ingrown hairs from forming.

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to wax.  Sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable but it lasts longer and the hair doesn’t grow back as much.  When I started esthetics school, I discovered that I really liked actually performing the service.  There’s just something about the challenge and the instant gratification that I find really satisfying…

Here’s a little known fact about waxing:  It can cause ingrown hairs.  Why?  Because when the wax is pulled off the of the skin, it’s not only removing the hair but also exfoliating as well.  The skin grows back over the damaged follicle and you’re left with an uncomfortable bump.  I really never had a problem with ingrowns until recently, I just kept my skin well exfoliated and called it a day.  However, lately I’ve noticed more bumps on my skin so I decided to invest in a product that targets ingrown hairs.  That’s when I found the Jack Black Bump Fix.

In school, I always recommend Tend Skin to my clients.  I was going to just buy the same thing for me, but my eyes wandered over the Jack Black because it not only exfoliates, it has soothing ingredients in it as well (aloe, chamomile, allantoin).  It also contains beta (salicylic) AND alpha (lactic) hydroxy acids, which works to exfoliate in two different ways.  I had a pretty bad ingrown in my bikini area so I decided to give it a go.  I used the solution for two days in a row and boom, it was gone.

I’ve been using 3-5x a week (JB says you can use it daily though) and I haven’t seen any bumps pop up.  I personally don’t use this on my face, but if I did I would prefer this one over Tend Skin because it’s organic (Tend Skin also has alcohol in it, which can be drying).

It does what it says, reduces razor bumps and prevents new ones from forming.  There are other products that can do the same thing, however I prefer this one because it not only exfoliates but also contains ingredients that calm the skin.  I recommend this to anyone who has issues with razor bumps/ingrown hairs, it’s a one and done type of product!

Glitter Rating: 5 / 5

Where: Sephora, Amazon. Price: $25.00/6.0oz
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A one and done solution for ingrown hairs!

A one and done solution for ingrown hairs!

Where: Sephora, Amazon. Price: $25.00/6.0oz

Have you tried the Jack Black Bump Fix?  What’s your solution for ingrown hairs?

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  1. I get so many ingrown hairs, it’s obnoxious. I will have to look into this! I haven’t found anything that does the trick.

    • If you get it, I want to know what you think! It’s more than I wanted to spend, but it’s a fairly large bottle and I only use a little at a time. Since it works, I say it’s worth every bit of $25.

  2. Oh interesting!! This sounds like something I want to try!!
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