My Second RocksBox

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RocksBox, a new monthly jewelery subscription service.

What is Rocks Box?: RocksBox is a membership-based jewelry styling service. Members pay a flat rate of $19/month to trial unlimited designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time. You can keep the items that you want to buy (at a discounted price), send back the ones you don’t want (in a pre-paid envelope. You can keep up to 60 days), and you’ll receive a new box with three new items within days.

I sent back my first RocksBox {review} and had my new one within a week.  They sent me an email when they received my package (which was 4 days after I sent it) and another email when they mailed out my new one (which was 2 days later).

RocksBox Review

I really wasn’t that thrilled with the content of this months box.  I don’t blame RocksBox for this, I don’t expect them to read my mind.  I can see (based off of my style quiz) why they would send me these pieces (I like a combo of things, both edgy and simple).  The necklace just isn’t me at all, it looked a bit like a dog collar.  I actually like the chandelier earrings but they are way too heavy (I get paranoid about stretching out my ear lobes).  The lens studs are okay, but they sort of remind me of a “No Smoking” sign.

I made sure to fill out the feedback card with my opinion (you can love it, like it, or dislike it).  I also noticed that they updated my online account with that information.

I kept the box for a few days, thinking that I might decide to wear some of the them.  I ended up just sending them back and beginning to await for my next box of goodies.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this months box, but I can see why RockBox would send me these based on my style profile.  I’m not upset by any means, this box this missed the mark with me.  I made sure to give them feedback and just sent the items back in the prepaid envelope.  Now I’m just waiting to get my third box!

Join: Rocksbox here. Price: $19/month.

For additional pics,

RocksBox Review

RocksBox Review

RocksBox Review

Info about each piece of jewelry.

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What do you think of this RocksBox?  Anything that you would’ve kept?

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