Real Purity Violet Mascara, Review

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Real Purity Violet Mascara Review

Real Purity says: This product is truly amazing and is one of Real Purity’s best sellers. We’ve heard from people all over the world that this is the best mascara they’ve ever used! Women that have not been able to use mascara in the past due to reactions from chemical-based products, can now wear mascara again.  Available in 6 colors (violet, black, brown, navy, emerald, and black/brown).

I’ve recently began getting into colored mascaras.  Sometimes you’ll catch me with bright blue lower lashes, or even blue eyebrows.  Sometimes it’s just fun to stray away from the old and faithful black.

I was super excited to try this violet mascara from Real Purity.  The website describes it as “generous colour, lengthening, and thickening.”  The first thing I noticed was the color, it’s a nice blend of blue and purple creating a true violet color.  The wand contains natural bristles which makes it more of a volumizing mascara (it kind of reminded me of a smaller version of Dior Show Black Out).  My lashes are naturally pretty sparse so I really had to take my time to ensure that I was coating every lash.  I wiggled the wand and the base and pulled the product though the rest of the lash.  The formula isn’t thick or clumpy, but I would’ve prefered a more “fluffy” brush to help with even application.  After application, the lash itself doesn’t feel at all dry and didn’t flake one bit.  My lashes grow straight out, so I have a big problem with mascaras taking the curl out of my lashes.  If I quickly apply this, like I do my regular mascara (Diorshow Iconic Overcurl), it takes the curl right out.  However, if I take my time and apply 2-3 really thin coats, the curl will hold a little better.

I wish the violet was a little more vibrant on my dark lashes, it really doesn’t show up very well (especially if I’m wearing eyeshadow).  But if you’re looking for something a little more natural, this would be a good way to go.  One really cool thing about this mascara?  It contains 7 ingredients!  How cool is that?  How many do other mascaras have?  Well, glance over at some of the ingredients lists on and see for yourself…

Real Purity Violet Mascara

It’s a true violet color with a natural bristled wand.  People with more sparse lashes will have to take a little more finesse to ensure an even application.  It’s not very vibrant on darker lashes, but if you’re looking for something more natural looking then you may enjoy this product.  It also only contains 7 ingredients, so if you have sensitive eyes this is something you should check out!

Glitter Rating: 3 / 5

Where: Real Purity, Amazon. Price:$15.00
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Real Purity Violet Mascara

Real Purity Violet Mascara

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Where: Real Purity, Amazon. Price:$15.00

What do you think of the Real Purity mascara?  Do you ever wear colored mascara?

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6 thoughts on “Real Purity Violet Mascara, Review

  1. I like colored mascara and most do not give fullness and length. Looks like Real Purity has that covered though.
    Kimberly recently posted..Newest Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Collection 2013My Profile

  2. I’ve been curious about trying colored mascara, but I just keep thinking it won’t show up because I have dark lashes, too. From your swatch, I think I’ll like this on my lower lashline.

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }
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  3. Fallon

    I am curious how this would look on my blonde lashes!

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