Battle of the: Color Changing Lip Balms

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Dior Lip Glow compared to Sephora Lip Balm

Someone, somewhere, somehow started this rumor that the Sephora Color Reveal Lip Balm is a dupe for the Dior Addict Lip Glow.  Given then $19 price difference, my inner beauty blogger had to test this theory for myself.  Cue, today’s battle.  First up:

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Dior says: A sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Where: Dior, Sephora, AmazonPrice: $31/0.12oz.

The classic, the original.  It’s constantly selling out, you can’t help but feel fancy when you use it.  It has the iconic Dior packaging, complete with the silver button with the initials “CD.”  The lip glow looks like a very pale peach/pink in the tube and is clear when you first apply it.  Within seconds, it starts changing to your own customized color.  On me, it’s a slightly pinker version of my own lip color.  The formula is moisturizing doesn’t have much tackiness to it and has a vanilla scent.  It feels very light on the lips, you could easily layer another lip product on top without it feeling like too much.  BONUS: SPF 10!

Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm

Sephora says: A lip balm that adjusts to your unique pH to create a customized pink shade.

Where: Sephora, Amazon. Price: $12/0.09oz

In the tube, the lip balm looks like a pale pink.  Like the Dior, it goes on clear and starts changing within seconds, adjusting to pH level of your lips.  This one is noticeably pinker than the Dior, both in the tube and after it changes.  I swatched them both side by side on several people and the result was always the same.  It has a thicker consistency and a bit of stickiness, I’d say it’s very similar to regular chapstick.  It has a nice honey scent.

Sephora Lip Balm compared to Dior Lip Glow

For swatches & winner,

Sephora Lip Balm compared to Dior Lip Glow

Sephora Lip Balm compared to Dior Lip Glow

Sephora Lip Balm compared to Dior Lip Glow

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The obvious difference is the color, Sephora’s is more pink than the Dior.  The texture is slightly different in each balm, the Dior is a bit lighter and has less tack.  The Dior also has a longer wear time, lasting about 2-3 hours.  The Sephora one fades quickly, I have trouble keeping it on for at least an hour.  But is the longer wear time worth the $19 price difference?

And the winner is. . .

The Dior Addict Lip Glow
The Dior one is just a superior product, hands down.  The longer wear time equals less re-applications, which equals the product lasting longer in the long run.  If you’re looking to just try out this lip pH color phenomenon without dropping 30 bucks, go ahead and try the Sephora one, there’s nothing wrong with it.  But if you’re looking for a quality product that will last you, Dior is the way to go.

Where: Lip Glow (Dior, Sephora, Amazon), Color Reveal (Sephora, Amazon). Price: $31/0.12oz (Lip Glow), $12/0.09oz (Color Reveal).

What do you think of these pH changing lip colors?  Do you have a favorite one?

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Drink water. Wear SPF.

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8 thoughts on “Battle of the: Color Changing Lip Balms

  1. Fallon

    I received the Dior Addict Lip Glow from a lip product junkie friend of mine whom insisted I try it. (I probably wouldn’t have forked over the $30 on my own)… However, I LOVE it. It actually turns my lips a lot brighter shade of pink, but I like that #SCIENCE

    I actually will be repurchasing this one. Love the post!

  2. Hi, Kayla! How cool!

    I’ve been using the Sephora balm for about a year now, and love it. But the Dior is more in keeping with the colors I gravitate toward. Will try it out when next I have the chance.

  3. Great comparison!

  4. Whoa nelly! I thought I read somewhere that the Dior was mint flavored so I backed away quickly and never looked back. Finding out it’s not mint flavored?!? My week is made, baby! I have been wanting to try this so much for a LONG time but the mint thing always kept me at bay (I love mint everything – just not in lip products…!). Thank you, Kayla! 😀
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