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Nude Skincare Review

NUDE says (Perfect Cleansing Oil): An omega-rich oil cleanser for the face and eye that effortlessly cleanses skin and dissolves makeup. Packed with omega 3 and 6, this cleanser deeply cleans, eliminating all impurities and even the toughest waterproof makeup, without stripping the skin. It leaves the skin feeling comfortably clean, soft, and supple.
ProGenius Oil: NUDE’s most coveted product. ProGenius™ Treatment Oil contains ten carefully selected plant oils and is rich in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. This 100 percent pure and active treatment oil provides a precisely balanced diet of vital nutrients for luminous and healthy looking skin. The all-absorbing formula delivers deep and long lasting skin cell nourishment, revealing skin that appears lit from within.
Cellular Renewal Moisturizer: A clinically advanced antiaging moisturizer that helps repair surface cellular damage and supports natural surface cellular renewal. NUDE’s exclusive antiaging technologies create smooth-, luminous-, and younger-looking skin. n-probiotic™ active cell nutrient supports the natural production of antiaging ingredients in your skin including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. Surface cellular renewal technology supports the skin’s own natural ability to repair and protect against damage. Omega 6 and 9 protect and deeply moisturize for skin that looks soft, supple, and luminous.

*I’ve tidied up my point of view, I’ve got a new attitude!” …. about natural skincare.   When I think natural skincare, I think it’s great and all, but generally it isn’t super effective.  Well this is one skincare brand that’s changed my mind…

Perfect Cleansing Oil

This feels so silky!  It contains 100% plant oils.  I use two pumps and spread all over my face and eyes (without water).  The oil effortlessly pulls the product off my face and eyes without feeling harsh.  I then wet my fingertips and continue to massage into my skin.  It starts to turn into a milky cleanser and glides right across the skin.  After rinsing, my skin feels super soft and not at all dry.  Out of all the cleansing oils that I’ve tried, this one has the silkiest texture.

ProGenius Treatment Oil

Two words:  HERO PRODUCT.  This is hydration city, ya’ll.  It contains omega 3, 6, 9, and black cumin, camellia, camelina, borage, sea buckthorn, macadamia, sweet almond, crambe abyssinica, jojoba, and apricot oils (wowza).  I put 3-4 drops (one per check, 1-2 for forehead and chin) directly on my skin at night.  This penetrates pretty quickly, so you really have to work fast in order to spread it all over your skin.  I find that it does leave my skin slightly shiny, so I only use it like that in the PM.  In the PM, I just use a single drop in my under eye area (it makes for a flawless concealer application) and a drop in my moisturizer.  I’ve been using this every day and it’s definitely brightened up my skin!  I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove.

Cell Renewal Moisturizer

This is quite a luxurious cream, it’s very soft to the touch and has a light texture.  It’s not a whipped texture, oily/skin types may feel like this isn’t suited for them.  I’ll admit, I prefer to only use this in the PM because of my oily skin.  This contains their patented n probiotic which “works at the heart of cells to stimulate cellular energy and trigger the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants” {source}.  So basically, it makes my skin produce its own anti-aging ingredients, which is pretty awesome.

*side-note:  I have still been using retinol 3-4 times a week in conjunction with this.*

I cannot say enough good things about this line!  The fact that it’s vegan and gluten-free will make it appeal to a lot of people.  A bit pricey, yes.  If I had to choose just one thing it would be the ProGenius oil, it’s the most versatile (I use it as a serum, eye cream, and also mix a drop in with my moisturizer).

Glitter Rating: Cleansing Oil 5/5, ProGenius Oil 5/5, Cell Renewal Moisturizer 4.5/5.

Where: Cleansing oil (Nude, Sephora, Amazon), ProGenius Oil (Nude, Sephora, Amazon), Cellular Renewal Moisturizer (Nude, Sephora, Amazon)  Price: $36/3.4oz (cleansing oil), $78/1.0oz (ProGenius Oil), $92/1.7oz (cellular renewal moisturizer).
For additional pics,

Nude Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes

Cleansing oil

NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil

ProGenius Treatment Oil

Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, Triclosan.

NUDE Skincare Review

Press SampleAffiliated BrandAffiliate Links

Where: Cleansing oil (Nude, Sephora, Amazon), ProGenius Oil (Nude, Sephora, Amazon), Cellular Renewal Moisturizer (Nude, Sephora, Amazon)  Price: $36/3.4oz (cleansing oil), $78/1.0oz (ProGenius Oil), $92/1.7oz (cellular renewal moisturizer).

What do you think of NUDE Skincare?  Do you think you’ll be trying anything out?

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