Featured Editor for Pickie

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Featured Editor for Pickie

Hey everyone, happy weekend!  I have some exciting news to share with you!  I am now a featured editor on Pickie, a new iPad app!

Pickie Featured Editor Badge

What is Pickie?

Pickie is a personalized shopping magazine for fashion, beauty & home goods. In Pickie you can personalize your catalog by selecting themes within categories, and each day you’ll get an ‘edition’ of products & content that’s tailored to your taste. Everything you see you can buy without leaving the app, which means no more frustration from seeing something awesome and then not being able to find where to buy it. And if you want to see more options you can search to see everything in our catalog and filter by price, brand, etc. to find something that best suits your unique tastes (#bePickie!).

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Here’s a link to my first post:  My summer beauty must haves (although, you can use these products year round!).

How’s your weekend going so far?  Mine has been busy, but good busy (there’s a difference).  I’m spending Sunday at the lake with my family, it’s the first time I’ve got to go this summer!  Don’t worry, I’ll wear plenty of SPF 😉

Drink water. Wear SPF.

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About the author: I am currently a makeup artist and licensed esthetician in the Kansas City area. It is my life’s passion to make people look and feel their best! I’m also a die-hard Harry Potter fan and Chipotle enthusiast. Click here to learn more about me.


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